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Department NC-19

Location: North County
325 S. Melrose
Vista, CA 92081
Assigned: SARA E. KIRBY

Notification of Continuance Request / Settlement

Notification of Continuance Request / Settlement (Self-Represented Case Status Conference)

As part of the court's continuing effort to harness technology to increase service to the public, the San Diego Superior Court Family Division is utilizing this webform instead of a phone call to alert the court clerk that one or both of the parties in an upcoming case will be requesting a continuance or have reached an agreement.

The form is available 24 hours and is accessible by computer or mobile device. The form must be complete and the party submitting the form must not only submit it to the court but must also provide a printout of the content to opposing counsel or the opposing self-represented litigant as soon as possible.

Completion of the form will alert the court clerk only that a motion to continue will be requested at the identified hearing or an agreement has been reached. The case remains on calendar and all pertinent parties must still appear unless specifically and affirmatively advised otherwise by the court.

Your submission MUST NOT include any information regarding the issues of the case (called ex parte communication). Information submitted using this form is solely for the purpose of notifying the court of a request to take a matter off calendar or a request for a continuance as required by the Family Law Local Rules. Any submissions that contain ex parte communication will not be reviewed or considered by the judicial officer.

Extracted from San Diego Superior Court case management data on 01:00AM 27 Jan 2022